Different Types Of Toilet Paper

By | March 15, 2016

The development of technology and the evolution of science have paved way for man to design and create new types of products. Each time we are able to see a new product hit the market and the new product tend to have better features than the previous so man is tempted to purchase it. Scientists are still finding ways to improve people living and make it easier for them. This luxury has opened the door for many different types of toilet paper. Even the most unlikely thing such as toilet paper has many different colours, shapes and textures. 

All of which are done for the betterment of the human race. But sometimes this development can lead to a lot of unnecessary products in store and cause inconvenience for people to select on one particular type of product. But now measures have been taken to reduce the number of products in store. Now they have particular standards to maintain ad if they do not reach the required level they will be rejected and not allowed to be sold. They also have to get approvals from many organizations for the safety of its usage.

These standards maintain the balance of products that are getting into the market plus it also keeps people safe from buying stuff that will cause harm to them. Given below are few of the many different types of tissues and their special features. Visit this link http://pureplanet.com.au/ to find out the right online service of toilet paper.

Different sizes and textures

One could choose from a plethora of toilet papers as they vary mostly by size. The 1 ply toilet paper is said to be made of one layer of paper and the 3 ply toilet roll is said toilet made of 3.

3 ply toilet paper can also be made of either 3 layers of paper or silk and they have serve for different purposes. Toilet paper can also come in different shaped. One could find the square sheet and the rectangular sheets. There also toilet paper rolls available in the market. The sizes of the toilet paper roll may vary, and one could purchase the large ones if the usage is high but if it low them one could purchase the small rolls.

Some toilet paper has dotted creases that make it easy for one to tear in properly. The market also has low grade toilet paper which is much cheaper than normal toilet paper. And the decrease in cost is due to the fact that it is rough and not comfortable when touched in comparison to the toilet paper that is highly priced as they are soft. One could also find toilet paper that has an extra layer of wax or aloe for extra softness.