Benefits You Didn’t Know About Natural Candles

By | January 20, 2016

This topic might be a total new thing to you. Normally candles are made out of paraffin but now with the creation of soy candles things have changed a lot. Many tend to buy this since its natural and bring no harm to its users. Moreover, with the increasing of current pollution it is our duty to look at these kind of alternatives to minimize the damage. When it comes to paraffin candles there are so many drawbacks and negative results that many of us were blind to. Here are some benefits and reason why you should change to natural candles.

Long lasting than any other candle

Soy candles burns longer than the candles made out of paraffin. Also it burns cooler. Compared to paraffin candles the amount of its long existence is 30-50%.

Burns clean

Soy candles do not contain toxins, carcinogens or pollutants. So, when it burns it does not produce black soot into the air. Because of this you can re use the glass ware which contains the candle. Also it does not contain petroleum carbon. This is the main difference between a soy candle and paraffin candle.


It is obvious that soy candles are nature friendly. A natural soy candle supplies mainly from soy beans. This is also bio degradable since it is made out from natural things from the earth. It is hard to remove when wax from candles spill on the ground. Soy candle wax is easy to clean and water soluble. All you need to do is wash them from hot water and soap. 

Cost effective

It is not that expensive than paraffin and it is easy to buy from online or physical stores. Also it is high in quality and quantity. If you are interested in making candles then this is a good idea for you. Candle makers find it easy to make soy candles since they come in loose flakes and the ingredients are easy to find. Help your local farmers by purchasing this soy candle. It helps your country’s economy and keeps you and your farmers healthy. This will also be an encouragement to farmers, candle makers and also a good example to secure the environments with a little step.

It’s healthy

You don’t have to worry about the black soot anymore! Since soy candles are made with natural soy beans it emits a fabulous fragrance. Also this candle is good for the skin and it reverses sun damages in your skin. They are also less likely to trigger any kind of allergies.